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  • Patrouille antiparasitaire

    Pest patrolling your garden could sometimes make or break your harvest. Hungry herbivores sometimes seem to have no consideration for all the hard work you put into your garden. If you try to avoid pesticides and chemicals it can be even more difficult to dissuade animals from snacking on your garden goods. With the help of herbs, some insects and birds you can hopefully attempt to bring a balance to your garden that sees no pest can get carried away in your garden.
  • What's the Buzz About Bee Hotels and Bug Condos?

    Many native bees nest in cavities in wood, hollow stems, or below ground. Besides growing native plants to support native pollinators, providing nesting habitat is also important. In our newest blog post we dive into the pros and cons of backyard bee hotels to discuss whether or not they really help native bees.
  • DIY Rainbow Roses

    Have you tried DIY rainbow roses? This process also works well with carnations and daisies! Many folks think that these dreamy roses are hand painted, or the result of some interesting plant breeding, but they are actually just white roses that are artificially coloured through the flower's intake of water (remember those experiments in middle school??!!).
  • 11 North American Staple Foods

     So many of the foods we eat originated growing close by. Some have been more domesticated than others, and some are now enjoyed all over the globe...
  • Savour the Seasons: The Culinary Case for Seasonal Eating

    In a world where fruits and vegetables are available year-round at the local grocery store, it's easy to get into a routine of eating the same foods all year long. However, there's something truly special about embracing the bounty of each season and savouring the flavours available to us locally.
  • 5 Tales of Motherly Love Featuring Ontario's Wildlife

    In honour of mothers everywhere, we wanted to share these 5 creatures and some heartwarming anecdotes and fascinating facts about these animal moth...
  • Soil Amending Wildflowers

        Some soils need some type of remediation or amendment before successful planting can take place. Depending on the damage done to the soil, som...
  • Cattail Foraging

    Cattails are a seriously under appreciated plant. Every part of the plant is either edible or has some great uses for surviving and thriving.
  • Bouleau taraudage (très rugueux)

    In areas where maple trees can not grow people have turned to making syrup out of birch sap. The sugar content in birch sap is not as high as sugar maple sap so there is more boiling required than with maple sap. The end result is a sweet and complex tasting syrup that goes great with savoury dishes especially smoked fish. 
  • Blooms on Demand- How to Force Blooms with Native Shrubs

    Forcing branches is a very old and time-tested way to experience some spring blooms indoors while you're impatiently waiting for winter to wrap-up. It only requires pruning branches of flowering trees and shrubs and putting the branches in a vase. We'll help give you some options of shrubs and trees that work well for this. No special expertise is required.
  • My Balcony's Bounty - Container Gardening

    I have done most of my gardening in containers and have learned a lot from my successes and my mistakes. After moving back to an apartment with a small balcony, last summer really tested my creativity in how to fit an entire garden into a few planters. Let's talk about prioritizing what to grow, maximizing space by growing vertically, and some options that are balcony and renter-friendly. 
  • Beyond the Garden: Dense Blazingstar

    The flower spikes of this stunning tallgrass prairie species are loved by hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Blazingstar is an excellent accent plant, especially when planted next to black-eyed Susans and lanceleaf coreopsis. It can also heal contaminated soils!