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  • Cattail Foraging

    Cattails are a seriously under appreciated plant. Every part of the plant is either edible or has some great uses for surviving and thriving.
  • Bouleau taraudage (très rugueux)

    In areas where maple trees can not grow people have turned to making syrup out of birch sap. The sugar content in birch sap is not as high as sugar maple sap so there is more boiling required than with maple sap. The end result is a sweet and complex tasting syrup that goes great with savoury dishes especially smoked fish. 
  • Blooms on Demand- How to Force Blooms with Native Shrubs

    Forcing branches is a very old and time-tested way to experience some spring blooms indoors while you're impatiently waiting for winter to wrap-up. It only requires pruning branches of flowering trees and shrubs and putting the branches in a vase. We'll help give you some options of shrubs and trees that work well for this. No special expertise is required.
  • My Balcony's Bounty - Container Gardening

    I have done most of my gardening in containers and have learned a lot from my successes and my mistakes. After moving back to an apartment with a small balcony, last summer really tested my creativity in how to fit an entire garden into a few planters. Let's talk about prioritizing what to grow, maximizing space by growing vertically, and some options that are balcony and renter-friendly. 
  • Beyond the Garden: Dense Blazingstar

    The flower spikes of this stunning tallgrass prairie species are loved by hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Blazingstar is an excellent accent plant, especially when planted next to black-eyed Susans and lanceleaf coreopsis. It can also heal contaminated soils! 
  • Greens Galore: A Guide to Thriving Indoor Salad Gardens!

    Like a lot of gardeners, I really start to miss the garden mid-winter. I miss having fresh foods to pick and add to dinners, and I miss watching veggies grow. So naturally, I bring a bit of the garden indoors. 
    If you already have a seed starting set-up, it's incredibly easy to convert it for baby greens for the winter. 
  • Blueberry Treats

    I've been reminiscing about the summer blueberry harvest and wanted to share some recipes. These blueberry strudels are an indulgent summer treat, and something I constantly get excited for. The crispy and flaky pastry paired with the fresh wild blueberry jam is off the charts!
  • Why Wildflowers?

    Native wildflowers are not only beautiful they have many benefits to you and the native fauna in the area they are planted. They are less work and worry than non-native plants and will still bring you loads of joy with their striking colours and beautiful growth forms. Here are a few reasons to make space for them in your garden.
  • Harvesting Beauty: A Year of Hand-Picked Bouquets

    I decided I would pick flowers to place on my kitchen counter at least once a month this year. Some of these bouquets are entirely wildflowers found in highway ditches, others were picked from my planters at home, and some featured blooms from around my neighbourhood. Whether you want to surprise a loved one, or pick up this habit of self-love like I did this year, stopping to pick some ditch flowers is free and delightful. 

  • Crafting and Caring for a Terrarium

    A terrarium is a simple indoor project for those of us who miss having our hands in the dirt is a terrarium to display in your home. This terrarium was put together simply because I wanted to find a use for this large jar, but it turned out to be a lot of fun looking for small plants and bits of nature to build this miniature world. 
  • Termes de départ (approximatifs)

    Landrace, Heirloom, Hybride, Pollinisation libre, Déterminé vs indéterminé Qu'est-ce qu'une variété de semences landrace? Une variété de seme...
  • Winter Foraging Recipes

    When the snow arrives, most foragers take a break. But guess what? Even in the winter months, there are some delightful plants just waiting to be discovered and harvested. I've gathered a handful of recipes and ideas to ignite your connection with the great outdoors in the time of year it's most difficult to feel connected.