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  • Getting Your Raised Bed Garden Soil Right, Part II

    In our last Blog Post, we covered the basics of the type of soil and soil amendments you may want to add to your raised bed garden! In Part II, we are going to cover how to calculate how much soil you need depending on the size of your bed, and some other helpful tips!
  • Getting your Raised Bed Garden Soil Right, Part I

    Growing in raised beds can be really rewarding. A common question that arises for people interested in growing in a raised bed for the first time is “what do I put in it?” as it pertains to soil. You want to make sure your garden soil has enough nutrients in it to sustain your crops throughout the growing season, that it isn’t too acidic or too alkaline, and that you have good drainage and soil density. Figuring out how much soil to put in your bed when ordering (or finding your own) supplies is also important!
  • Growing Tulips Indoors

    The winter is long and cold, but you can add a little bit of spring to your place by growing some of your favorite tulip varieties indoors. Here we provide an easy to follow four step process on achieving beautiful indoor blooms.
  • Fried Evening Primrose Flowers

    If you've tried fried squash blossoms, you know what a delicious seasonal treat they are. So why not try the same recipe with an edible native wild...
  • Seed Stratification Explained- Part 2

    In part 1 of this blog post, I explained what stratification is and why you need to do it. In this second portion, I'll walk through two techniques to stratify seeds yourself. The first techniques requires 4 or more weeks, while the second technique only requires 7 days.