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  • What's the Buzz About Bee Hotels and Bug Condos?

    Many native bees nest in cavities in wood, hollow stems, or below ground. Besides growing native plants to support native pollinators, providing nesting habitat is also important. In our newest blog post we dive into the pros and cons of backyard bee hotels to discuss whether or not they really help native bees.
  • Beyond the Garden: Dense Blazingstar

    The flower spikes of this stunning tallgrass prairie species are loved by hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Blazingstar is an excellent accent plant, especially when planted next to black-eyed Susans and lanceleaf coreopsis. It can also heal contaminated soils! 
  • Why Wildflowers?

    Native wildflowers are not only beautiful they have many benefits to you and the native fauna in the area they are planted. They are less work and worry than non-native plants and will still bring you loads of joy with their striking colours and beautiful growth forms. Here are a few reasons to make space for them in your garden.
  • Companion Planting for Increased Garden Success!

    Yes you can plant wildflowers in your vegetable garden. In fact, the planting combination is part of a process termed 'Companion Planting' which can decrease pest, disease, and weed pressure on your crops, can help with water retention, and can lead to higher yields & tastier fruits/ veggies. In this Blog post we provide examples of good and not-so-good companion plants.