Projects We Support Together

Every year we donate the equivalent of at least 1% of our annual sales to projects that promote food security, enjoyment of wild spaces and schoolyard greening.

In 2020 we supported the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, Kivi Park and Sudbury Shared Harvest. Several hundred native wildflower seedlings were planted at multiple sites, to be enjoyed by wildlife, community members and visitors for years to come. Together, our support helped these organizations reintroduce several important native species including swamp and butterfly milkweed which are the host plants required by monarch butterfly.

Have an idea for a project you think we should support? Tell us about it!

Kerry Lamarche, Executive Director at Kivi Park holds a tray of donated native seedlings.

Miranda Virtanen, Executive Director at Junction Creek Stewardship Committee holds a tray of donated native seedlings.

Swamp milkweed seedling planted along the banks of Junction Creek (Sudbury).

Junction Creek Stewardship Committee staff and volunteers planted native seedlings along the creek in July of 2020.