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  • Hardening Off Indoor Started Plants

    Hardening your plants off before subjecting them to constant outdoor exposure is paramount in the gardening process or the time spent caring for them indoors could very well be wasted. There are several steps in the process and listening to your plants cues is crucial for the whole endeavour to be a success! Check out our detailed instructions on exactly how to harden off your plants.
  • Hardiness Zones and Why You Should Know Yours when Planning Your Garden

    Why does knowing your plant hardiness zone matter?

    Knowing your region’s hardiness zone will help you understand which varieties of vegetables/fruits/flowers to grow! Plant Hardiness Zones in Canada indicate the areas where various trees, shrubs and flowers are most likely to survive.

  • Companion Planting for Increased Garden Success!

    Yes you can plant wildflowers in your vegetable garden. In fact, the planting combination is part of a process termed 'Companion Planting' which can decrease pest, disease, and weed pressure on your crops, can help with water retention, and can lead to higher yields & tastier fruits/ veggies. In this Blog post we provide examples of good and not-so-good companion plants.