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  • Blooms on Demand- How to Force Blooms with Native Shrubs

    Forcing branches is a very old and time-tested way to experience some spring blooms indoors while you're impatiently waiting for winter to wrap-up. It only requires pruning branches of flowering trees and shrubs and putting the branches in a vase. We'll help give you some options of shrubs and trees that work well for this. No special expertise is required.
  • Crafting and Caring for a Terrarium

    A terrarium is a simple indoor project for those of us who miss having our hands in the dirt is a terrarium to display in your home. This terrarium was put together simply because I wanted to find a use for this large jar, but it turned out to be a lot of fun looking for small plants and bits of nature to build this miniature world. 
  • Winter Foraging Recipes

    When the snow arrives, most foragers take a break. But guess what? Even in the winter months, there are some delightful plants just waiting to be discovered and harvested. I've gathered a handful of recipes and ideas to ignite your connection with the great outdoors in the time of year it's most difficult to feel connected.
  • Growing Tulips Indoors

    The winter is long and cold, but you can add a little bit of spring to your place by growing some of your favorite tulip varieties indoors. Here we provide an easy to follow four step process on achieving beautiful indoor blooms.
  • Hardiness Zones and Why You Should Know Yours when Planning Your Garden

    Why does knowing your plant hardiness zone matter?

    Knowing your region’s hardiness zone will help you understand which varieties of vegetables/fruits/flowers to grow! Plant Hardiness Zones in Canada indicate the areas where various trees, shrubs and flowers are most likely to survive.