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  • Harvesting Sweetness: Birch Tree Syrup

    In areas where maple trees can not grow people have turned to making syrup out of birch sap. The sugar content in birch sap is not as high as sugar maple sap so there is more boiling required than with maple sap. The end result is a sweet and complex tasting syrup that goes great with savoury dishes especially smoked fish. 
  • Blueberry Treats

    I've been reminiscing about the summer blueberry harvest and wanted to share some recipes. These blueberry strudels are an indulgent summer treat, and something I constantly get excited for. The crispy and flaky pastry paired with the fresh wild blueberry jam is off the charts!
  • Winter Foraging Recipes

    When the snow arrives, most foragers take a break. But guess what? Even in the winter months, there are some delightful plants just waiting to be discovered and harvested. I've gathered a handful of recipes and ideas to ignite your connection with the great outdoors in the time of year it's most difficult to feel connected.
  • DIY Pine Needle Soda

    People have been using wild yeasts for millennia to ferment beverages and make bread rise. It is much less common now to see people using wilds ye...
  • Early Season Foraging

    It's hard not to get excited for outdoor activities when the snow starts melting and the warmer temperatures arrive. Foraging is a great way to get out in the early season, get your hiking legs back, breathe in the fresh spring air and to gather some free calories from your local environment.
  • Foraging Pine Pollen

    Do you love going on foraging adventures? Looking to try new types of foraging? Collecting pollen from the red pine tree is not the most common type of foraging but it's a unique way to add another level to a meal whether it be for meaning or appearance.