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  • Harvesting Sweetness: Birch Tree Syrup

    In areas where maple trees can not grow people have turned to making syrup out of birch sap. The sugar content in birch sap is not as high as sugar maple sap so there is more boiling required than with maple sap. The end result is a sweet and complex tasting syrup that goes great with savoury dishes especially smoked fish. 
  • Harvesting Beauty: A Year of Hand-Picked Bouquets

    I decided I would pick flowers to place on my kitchen counter at least once a month this year. Some of these bouquets are entirely wildflowers found in highway ditches, others were picked from my planters at home, and some featured blooms from around my neighbourhood. Whether you want to surprise a loved one, or pick up this habit of self-love like I did this year, stopping to pick some ditch flowers is free and delightful. 

  • Crafting and Caring for a Terrarium

    A terrarium is a simple indoor project for those of us who miss having our hands in the dirt is a terrarium to display in your home. This terrarium was put together simply because I wanted to find a use for this large jar, but it turned out to be a lot of fun looking for small plants and bits of nature to build this miniature world. 
  • Discover the Wonder of Hügelkultur Gardening

    Originating in Eastern Europe, Hügelkultur or "hill culture" in German, has taken the gardening world by storm with its innovative and eco-friendly approach. Instead of just gardening, think of it as creating a thriving hill of possibilities right in your backyard. Here we delve into the key benefits of Hügelkultur.