DIY Rainbow Roses

🌈🌹 Happy Pride Month friends 🌈🌹

Have you tried DIY rainbow roses? This process also works well with carnations and daisies! Many folks think that these dreamy roses are hand painted, or the result of some interesting plant breeding, but they are actually just white roses that are artificially coloured through the flower's intake of water (remember those experiments in middle school??!!).

All you’ll need are some fresh white or lightly coloured flowers with buds unopened, some food colouring or floral dye, a kitchen knife or blade and some baggies.

Here's how to make them:

1- Choose white or cream rose buds, or carnations or daisies.

2- Use unopened buds and let them go without water for 3 hours.

3- Using a knife or blade, split the stem into 3 sections, about 3 inches up.

4- Prepare three bags with water and dye (food colouring will work great but provide lighter colours, professional floral dyes will provide more vivid colors). If you use yellow, blue, and red, you’ll get the full rainbow. Alternatively, yellow, cyan, and magenta dyes work too.

5- Place each stem section into a different colored bag.

6- Secure the bags and keep the flower upright in a vase.

7- Keep in a cool, shady spot. Check the water level and add more dyed water as needed.

8-Once the petals are vibrant, cut the stem above the split and display in a vase with water and floral preservative.


TIP: For a black light glow, use tonic water instead of regular water. Happy Pride! 🌈🌹

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