Blueberry Treats


I've been reminiscing about the summer blueberry harvest, and wanted to share a couple of recipes. 


Blueberry Strudel 

Blueberry strudels are an indulgent summer treat, and something I constantly get excited for. The crispy and flaky pastry paired with the fresh wild blueberry jam is nothing short of spectacular. 


Roll out two sheets of your thawed puff pastry sheets so you get maximum surface area. Lie them flat side to side and make sure they are the same, or very similar dimensions. Gently run a butter knife along where you are going to cut out each strudel, Don't cut the dough yet as the sheets will shrink, you just want guidelines for where to place your jam and water. In the middle of your marked squares or rectangles place a tablespoon or two of jam, depending on the size of pastry you want. Keep the jam away from the boarders you drew, keep it in the center as much as possible or the two sheets of pastry will not want to stick together. With a brush, put water along the lines your drew with the butter knife along what will be the edges of the pastries. Place the second sheet of pastry over the one with jam, being sure to line the edges up before you place it fully down on the jam. Firmly tap along the lines where you want the sheets to stick to each other. With a sharp knife cut the sheets into the strudels. With a fork, seal the edges of the pastry so they fuse and leave a nice pattern. Cook in the oven as directed by the pastry box.


Blueberry Bombs

Once you have the jam there is barely any prep in this recipe so you can have your tasty pastry without any elbow grease. All you need are some thawed sheets of puff pastry, blueberry jam and an egg for egg wash.


Unroll and spread out your puff pastry and cut it into squares approximately the size of your palm. Roll out the squares. To create a little jam pouch, spread a square out on your hand and cup your hand like your holding an egg. Place a table spoon or two of jam in the pastry cup and close the edges over it. Take another square and place the side you just sealed in the middle of the square and close that one around the first. Brush the tops with egg wash before you put them in the oven. Place the pastries on parchment paper in the oven as per the puff pastry instructions. Let the blueberry bombs cool completely before you try them, the jam will hold heat much longer than the pastry part and you'll burn your mouth. I've have learned this through painful trial and error, I have made the mistake so you don't have to.


If you want your own personal supply of blueberries for baking or snacking, you can grow wild blueberries at home! You will need a way to maintain acidic soils in your blueberry patch, but that can be easily achieved by mulching with pine needles. 

Share your favourite wild blueberry recipes below, I'd love to get some more ideas for this summer's harvest! 

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