Seed Starting Resources

Our wildflower seeds are labelled to let you know if they require stratification or pre-treatment. Seeds that are labelled "Easy to Grow" do not require stratification and can simply be planted in spring. We've put together a simple guide for 4 different methods of stratification for native wildflower seed to help you succeed in growing our seeds. 

If you see this label on your seed packs, select any of the methods below for cold stratification and get growing!


For more information on cold stratification, this blog post discusses the benefits of this adaptation in more detail. You can also find other resources like webinars and articles here
We now sell small portions of vermiculite perfect for stratifying a single pack of seeds in the fridge. After the stratification is complete, simply scatter the seed and vermiculite mixture on top of soil and press down for good soil contact. Keep soil moist until after seed has sprouted.

If you are looking to establish a wildflower meadow over a larger space, check out these resources.

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