Rhubarb Jam

The season for rhubarb is short and sweet. With the emergence of the tell-tale rhubarb shoots the excitement of the harvest season begins! This super undemanding perennial produces ample deliciously tart and sour stalks, which can be made into so many sweet or savoury delights.

Side from pies, squares and many pairings with strawberries, it is great to preserve this seasonal bounty in the form of a jam to save freezer space and to always have something ready to go with a fresh batch of bread.

Depending on your preference of tart to sweet ratio, you can alter the amount of sugar in the recipe. This ratio of tart to sweet has worked for me for the past couple of years as I primarily use it on fresh bread or make a simple yogourt tart with tart shells, plain greek yogourt, rhubarb jam and chia seeds.

This is an easy recipe to follow with the most labour intensive part being the chopping. I suggest chopping several stalks at a time into half inch sized chunks so they cook down in a timely manner. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.

We would love to hear your experience and success stories with cooking with rhubarb!



  • Looks great! How long should se boil the jars for please? Thank you!

  • Hello! I love that the Sugar Lebel os nottoo high There! Could you please Tell more avoir the Channing méthode please? How long of a boil ?// pressure canner Time and pressure? Thank you 💖

  • Hey Jenny, thanks so much for following along. Enjoy the recipe and feel to free to share your pics with us!

  • Can’t wait to try this recipe!


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