10 Gift Ideas for the Gardeners in Your Life

Finding meaningful, personalized and eco-friendly gifts can be hard. We're making it easy to spread the cheer this year with gifts for all the gardeners on your 'nice list'. You'll find we have lots of inexpensive, environmentally conscious and unique options to choose from. We've put together a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for every type of gardener in your life, whether they grow for beauty, for culinary exploration, for the bees - in a large space or a small one. 


10 Gift Ideas for Gardeners:

1: A wildflower collection that suits their garden space or desires. Choose from our Cut Flowers Collection, Wild Tea Seed Collection, For the Hummingbirds CollectionFor the Butterflies Wildflower Collection, and more

cut flower seed collection

2: A gift card for the seed collector in your life who would prefer to choose their own wildflower or vegetable varieties and have them delivered right to their home. Our gift cards can be redeemed towards any items available on our online store and never expire. Physical and e-gift cards are available

3: Tulip or Amaryllis bulbs to brighten their home in the dark winter months! Bonus points if they are planted ahead of time and getting ready to bloom around gifting time. Learn how easy it is to trick tulips to bloom indoors this winter. 


4: For the culinary enthusiast or forager foodie, consider seeds for these edible wildflowers. Anise is a delicacy with its liquorice flavour but is also an easy to grow perennial. Nodding Wild Onion is a native member of the onion/allium family with lots of flavour. Wild Bergamot can be used to make a delicious earl grey tea. 

5: Give the gift of flavours and colours they would not get to experience without growing them! We carry several vegetable and fruit varieties that are unique and not typically found in grocery stores or markets.

Growing a new variety can be full of surprises and so rewarding! Magenta Orach also known as Mountain Spinach, Banana Nano Peas, or Purplekeepers Tomatillo are all great options for the adventurous gardener.  

6: Preserves from your own garden or kitchen - no one appreciates the gift of homemade jam, pickles, preserves, or baked goods like a gardener. Bonus points for including a copy of your recipe with the gift! 


2 jars of jam

7: For the young gardener, the Children's Garden Collection. This collection has a fun collection of vegetables that are visually appealing and easy to harvest and enjoy in the garden. As a bonus, studies have shown that children who have experienced gardening are much less likely to be picky eaters. With this collection, you can explore the beauty and flavours of the garden together!

Vegetable seed packages in the children's collection

8: A tool to make the next garden season go smoother. We recommend a hori hori tool, or a watering timer to make irrigation easier during busy summer months. A garden journal is a great tool as well, like this Ten Year Chronicle of Your Garden from Lee Valley.

9: Wildflower Seed Mixes! For those on your list who might be indecisive, or who are trying to restore a larger space, we have mixes that will cover 100, 250, 500, or 1000 square feet! We recommend the Easy to Grow Wildflower Mix as a gift, but we also offer Dry and Sunny, Lakeshore, or Part Shade seed mixes. 


10: For the patio or small space gardener, seed collections selected specifically for those lacking in outdoor space. We recommend our Container Collection of small-space vegetables which includes Tequila Sunrise Peppers, Rainbow Swiss Chard, and the Merville Rocket Tomato. Wildflowers such as Black-Eyed Susans, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, or Purple Coneflower are also excellent choices for a container or balcony garden. 


If you're shopping with us for any gifts this holiday season, we recommend placing your order before December 15th.


Happy Holidays! 

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