Wild Raspberries
Wild Raspberries
Wild Raspberries
Wild Raspberries

Wild Raspberries

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4-5 feet tall, 2-3' wide
Full Sun to Part Shade
Zones 2+
Blooms July to August
Moist Site

Approx. 110 seeds per pack

Wild Raspberries (Rubus sp.) are delicious and can be quite productive if maintained (pruned/ fertilized, etc.) Dainty white blossoms appear in late spring, and small red fruits form in the summer. A favourite for jams, pies, or just for snacking. Raspberry leaf also makes a lovely tea, and is considered a medicine. Suckering habit. Will spread. Keep pruned. 

Growing Instructions:

Wet and cold stratification required. Mix seeds with moist substrate (vermiculite, perlite or moss) and place in a plastic bag and refrigerate for 6-8 weeks. Sow seed at soil surface. Do not let seedling dry out while it is establishing.


Sow directly outdoors in late fall to overwinter.