Tomato, Sioux
Tomato, Sioux

Tomato, Sioux

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Full Sun
70 Days
Approx. 25 seeds
Open Pollinated
Up to 5’ tall
97% Germination Rate (2023 test)


Semi-Determinate. An early, multi-purpose red tomato with thick walls that resist cracking. Offers tangy tomato flavour that is harder to find in early slicers. Lends itself well to canning, salsa, sauces and sandwiches. Semi-determinate tomato varieties must be pruned and trellised for ideal plant health and maximum fruit production. Benefits from starting indoors. Seed from a small organic farm in Ontario. 

Companions: Basil, Borage, Carrots

Growing Instructions:

Germinates best in warm soil at 24-29°C with moderate moisture.

Plant Spacing : 2-3’ apart Row Spacing: 4-6’ apart.

Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow 1/4" deep. At first true leaf, pot-up to 4" pots. Grow at a constant 16–21°C. Harden off before transplanting into the soil. Plant deeply to encourage strong rooting. Water seedlings with a high-phosphate fertilizer solution at planting to help boost early yields.