Thimbleberry/ Black Cap Raspberry

Thimbleberry/ Black Cap Raspberry

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3-6 feet tall
Full Sun to Part Shade
Blooms June to July
Dry to Moist Site


Thimbleberry (Rubus occidentalis) is a native berry shrub that thrives in a range of conditions. The deep red/black raspberries are delicious but the leaves can also be used for teas and baking. The dusty whitish-blue hue of its twigs also makes for a nice contrast in the garden.

Growing Instructions

Wet and cold stratification required. Mix seeds with moist substrate (vermiculite, perlite or moss) and place in a plastic bag and refrigerate for 6-8 weeks. Sow seed at 1/8 inch depth. Do not let seedling dry out while it is establishing.


Sow directly outdoors in late fall to overwinter.