Spinach, Bloomsdale
Spinach, Bloomsdale

Spinach, Bloomsdale

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Full Sun
28 Days Baby, 50 Days Mature
Approx. 140 seeds
Open Pollinated

80% Germination Rate (2023 test)


Large, deeply crinkled, dark green leaves. Fresh flavour and slow to bolt. Great in salads, smoothies, and stir fries. Seed from a small organic farm in British Columbia.
Companions: Eggplants, Leeks, Strawberries. 

Growing Instructions: 

Germinates best at 0-15C in moist soil.

Plant Spacing : For baby leaf 40 seeds/ft in 2-4 bands that are 1-2” apart. For mature leaves, thin to 2” apart in rows 12-18” apart. 

Direct seed 1/8”-1/4” deep as soon as soil can be worked in the spring, and again in the late summer-early fall. Seed germinates best when soil temperatures are 0-15°C and achieves the best quality when air temperatures are 12-15°C. Sow every 7 days for a continual harvest.