Tomato, Napa Chardonnay
Tomato, Napa Chardonnay

Tomato, Napa Chardonnay

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Full Sun
65 Days to Maturity
Approximately 25 seeds 
Open Pollinated 
Up to 8’
95% Germination Rate (2023 test)

Indeterminate. Produces an abundance of cherry tomatoes that start to ripen early and keep producing well until the first frost.  From breeder Brad Gates, the fruits are a pale yellow with a translucent skin, but if left to ripen a little longer they turn a little darker with a slight pink blush. This is when they reach their peak for sweetness and flavour. The fruits hold very well on the vines and grow in nicely formed clusters. Indeterminate tomato varieties must be pruned and trellised for ideal plant health and maximum fruit production. Benefits from starting indoors. Seed from a small organic farm in Ontario. 

Companions: Basil, Borage, Carrots

Growing Instructions: 

Germinates best in warm soil at 24-29°C with moderate moisture.

Plant Spacing : 2-3’ apart Row Spacing: 4-6’ apart.

Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow 1/4" deep. At first true leaf, pot-up to 4" pots. Grow at a constant 16–21°C. Harden off before transplanting into the soil. Plant deeply to encourage strong rooting. Water seedlings with a high-phosphate fertilizer solution at planting to help boost early yields.