Lettuce, Jester
Lettuce, Jester

Lettuce, Jester

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60 Days to Maturity
Approx. 200 seeds
Open Pollinated
8-12” tall
95% Germination Rate (2023 test)

A bright green crisphead, splashed with red on semi-savoyed leaves. Slow to bolt; good for summer growing.  Seed grown at a small organic farm in Ontario. 
Companions: Beets, Spinach, Carrots

Growing Instructions: 

Germinates best between 16-20°C in moist soil.

Plant Spacing : 10-12”, Row Spacing : 12-18”

 Sow seeds 1/8” deep in moist soil kept at 16-20°C. Transplanting: Start seeds 3–4 weeks before field planting. Harden off before planting out. Direct Seed: As soon as soil can be worked.