Beans, Rocdor (yellow)
Beans, Rocdor (yellow)

Beans, Rocdor (yellow)

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Full Sun
50-55 Days
Approx. 50 Seeds
Up to 1.5’ tall
78% Germination Rate (2023 test)


An easy to grow nitrogen fixer, dependable variety that germinates well in cool soil. Prolific producer of crisp and stringless pods with a rich and buttery flavour. Bush habit.


Companions: Corn, Cabbage, Squash


Growing Instructions:

Germinates best at 16-20°C in moist soil.

Plant Spacing : 4" apart. Row Spacing: 18-24” apart.

Direct Seed: 1-2 inch depth and as soon as soil reaches 16C and all danger of frost has passed. Beans are sensitive to cool, wet soils so try direct seeding during a warm, dry period. Sow every 2-3 weeks for a continual harvest through mid-summer.