Gift Ideas for Every Type of Gardener

Finding meaningful and eco-friendly gifts for everyone on your list can be hard. Thankfully if there are a few gardeners on your 'nice list' you'll find there are lots of inexpensive, environmentally conscious and unique gifting options out there. We've put together a shopping gift guide to help you find the perfect little something for every type of gardener in your life.

      • The Indoor Gardener: we all know someone who has a knack for creating an indoor jungle. Although it can be difficult and logistically a little tricky to get the perfect indoor plant for the house plant lover on your list, there are lots of other gifting options that are easier to come by and much simpler to ship. An indoor plant nutrient like worm compost is a totally unique idea and as a bonus it makes you seem super knowledgeable- we really like Jocelyn's Soil Booster. Herbs make great year-round indoor plants, we like this Seed Savers Exchange Organic Herb Collection. Also consider some 'new to them' pots- we always find the most beautiful indoor plant pots at our local thrift shop.

                  • The Hippy Gardener: if dinner table chat includes stories of permaculture, hugelkutur or ecological farming, you'll want to get this gardener items that help them to restore the soil and support a healthy ecosystem. We recommend our Soil Amendment and For the Bees Wildflower Collections. If you're looking garden tool suggestions, we really like the shuffle hoe and the U-Bar digger.

                        • The Gardener That Has it All: this is that one person that is at the garden store on opening weekend and has the seed catalogue release dates in their calendar. Don't despair, even the most well equipped gardener is happy to receive a Gift Certificate to their favorite online supplier or local garden center. You can also impress them by sourcing some hard to find items like these premium tulip bulbs (which you can also force grow indoors), or pre-order some rare dahlia tubers (we like the offerings at Roam Flora in Ottawa) or get them some newly developed, bred-in-Canada seed varieties, like these great tomatoes bred by Karen Olivier.


                                    • The Young Gardener: kids love to garden, most of them just don't know it yet! Getting a child their own garden seed is such a treat, it gives them a chance to experiment with something that is totally theirs and hopefully gives them a greater appreciation for the superior flavour of fresh fruit and/or veggies. Kids love anything that they can pick themselves like sugar snap peas, berries, carrots, romaine and fast growing varieties like beets and turnips will be particularly popular.

                                              Have any other gardener gift ideas you'd like to share? Tell us about them below.

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