Carrot, Touchon Deluxe
Carrot, Touchon Deluxe

Carrot, Touchon Deluxe

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Full Sun
65-70 Days
Approx. 600 seeds
16 Plants Covers 1ft2
1’ tall


A popular old time favourite. Produces 7-8” coreless carrots with good quality and flavour. Good for bunching and winter storage, remaining sweet and tender for many months. Seed from a small organic farm in B.C.

Companions: Beans, Peppers, Lettuce

Growing Instructions:

Germinates best at 13-24°C in consistently moist soil.
Plant Spacing : Thin to ¾”-2” apart

Row Spacing: 6-8”
Direct Seed at 1/4” deep once soil can be worked in the spring. Sow early for summer use and follow with a second planting for winter storage or freezing. Do not let soil dry out or crust form on top of soil during germination. Benefits from covering with board or light fabric until seeds have sprouted (7-21 days).