Arugula, Roquette
Arugula, Roquette

Arugula, Roquette

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Full Sun
21 Days Baby, 40 Days Mature
Approx. 200 Seeds
Open Pollinated
6-10" tall

94% Germination Rate (2023 test)


Extra cold hardy variety with long, dark, deeply lobed leaves with a nutty and peppery flavour. Great on its own, in salads, or as a fresh pizza topping! Good companions include celery, cucumber and lettuce. Seed is grown on a small organic farm in British Columbia, Canada.


Growing Instructions:

Germinates best at 24°C in moist soil.

Plant Spacing : 5 seeds/ inch in bands 2” apart.

Direct Seed at 1/8” deep once soil can be worked in the spring. Sow every 2 weeks until 2-3 weeks before the first frost for continual harvests.