White Prairie Clover
White Prairie Clover
White Prairie Clover

White Prairie Clover

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2'-3' tall
Full Sun to Partial Shade
Blooms July to August
Dry to Medium Site
Zones 3-8
Approx. 300 seeds per pack


White Prairie Clover (Dalea candida) is a beautiful clover to bring into your garden space, especially when mixed with its sister, Purple Prairie Clover. This plant will often grow in patches of 8-10 plants and can get up to three feet tall. Blooming from June through to September, this clover's bright, white flowers start growing at the base of a cone-shaped flower, and continue to wrap upwards as the season progresses. This plant is part of the legume family, meaning it can fix nitrogen into the soil, improving growing conditions for other neighboring plants. This plant will keep pollinators and birds happy!

Growing Instructions

No pre-treatment required. Sow seed at soil surface. Do not let seedling dry out while it is establishing.