Watermelon, Chris Cross (organic)

Watermelon, Chris Cross (organic)

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Mature in 85-90 days
Zones 3+
Melons can grow to 15-20 lbs
Full Sun
Approx. 25 seeds per pack

Heirloom. This variety is the result of a cross between Hawksbury and Dixie Queen made by Chris Christensen in 1950. The 15–20-pound melon is a pale green overlaid with jagged dark green stripes. Inside it contains a sweet pink flesh that is perfect for serving on a summer day! Watermelons love heat and prefer sandy or light-textured soils while keeping the soil moist.

Growing Instructions

Direct Seed: Sow seeds outdoors at 1/2" depth, in 12" diameter hills in full sun after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. Space hills 8' apart in all directions. Thin to 3-4 plants per hill. 

Transplant (recommended for shorter growing seasons):  Start indoors 4 weeks before transplanting out after the last frost. Harden off before transplanting. Transplant in-row 16-18" apart, between rows 18"-24" apart.