Mustard Greens, Dijon

Mustard Greens, Dijon

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Full Sun or Partial Shade
85-95 Days for Seeds
45 Days for Greens
Approximately 2' Tall


A fast growing nutritious leafy green that will make your mouth tingle with its unique kick. Mustard greens grow fastest in cool weather below 24°C and do well in both containers and in a garden. Low maintenance plant that is great for beginner gardeners or people who struggle to maintain a garden.


Growing Instructions:

Germinates best at cooler temperatures between 13-18°C.

Plant Spacing : 5" apart. Row Spacing: 2-3' apart.

Directly sow seeds in the soil between 1/3 - 1/2 inch deep and lightly cover with soil and water well. Ensure soil does not dry out while the seeds are trying to germinate.