Lettuce, Green Oakleaf

Lettuce, Green Oakleaf

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Mature in 50 days
Zones 2+
1 foot tall
Full Sun or partial shade
Approx. 250 seeds per pack

Looseleaf. This variety was reportedly known as Baltimore or Philadelphia Oakleaf in the 1880s. This variety can withstand hot weather, never bitter. Excellent quality, rippled green leaves, even in late summer. This variety can be cut-and-come again in terms of harvest, making for longer production. 

Growing Instructions

Sow direct seed 1” apart and ¼” in depth. Germination period is 7-14 days. Sow continuously for a constant supply of lettuce. Best grown in cooler weather. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Lettuce should kept moist, since lettuce leaves are mostly water and will desiccate and wilt in strong sunlight and dry soil.