Kohlrabi, White Vienna (organic)

Kohlrabi, White Vienna (organic)

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Mature in 50-65 days
Zones 2+
½ - 1 foot tall
Full Sun or partial shade
Approx. 250 seeds per pack

Also known as Early White Vienna or Di Vienna Bianco, this variety originated pre-1860. It produces pale green, above-ground globes with crisp white flesh. These globes are best harvested when they reach 2 ½“ in diameter. When harvested at this time, they present a sweet and mild flavor reminiscent of a turnip. This this an excellent fall crop that tastes great raw or steamed.

Growing Instructions

Sow seeds 1” apart, ¼“ in depth and in rows 12-18” apart. This variety is best grown in cooler weather. Sow seeds outdoors as soon as soil can be worked, and danger of hard frost has passed. Alternatively, seeds can also be planted indoors 4 weeks before the last frost and transplanted outdoors in full sun or partial shade.