Corn, Two Inch Strawberry Popcorn (organic)

Corn, Two Inch Strawberry Popcorn (organic)

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Mature in 100 days
Zones 4+
5 feet tall
Full Sun
Approx. 50 seeds per pack

This variety grows 5-6’ tall with 2-4 two-inch ears per stalk. Small red strawberry-shaped ears are good for popping and gorgeous for fall decorations! Harvest when ear silks have dried out and kernels are full and filled up and appropriate colour has appeared.

Growing Instructions

Sow seeds outdoors 1" deep, 4" apart after danger of frost has passed. Germination in 4-21 days.  For good pollination and full ears, plant in blocks of 3-6 rows, 36-48" apart, instead of in one long row. Thin seedlings to 8" apart. Corn is a heavy feeder and does best in well-drained fertile soil with plenty of water.