Beet, Bull's Blood (organic)

Beet, Bull's Blood (organic)

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35 days for baby leaf tops, 55 days for edible roots
Zones 2+
1 foot tall
Full Sun
Approx. 100 seeds per pack


This purple-foliaged variety can be used to produce two great crops for eating. The dark-red, smooth leaves have a particularly pleasant flavour and are perfect for salad mixes when harvested at 35 days. If the leaves are not harvested, the plants produce uniform, round, tasty, red beetroots that mature in 55 days. The deep red colour of both the leaves and root contain high levels of nutrients and antioxidants.

Growing Instructions

Sow seeds outdoors as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Plant seeds 2” apart at 1/2”  depth and in rows 20-24” apart in full sun. Germination in 5-10 days.  For continuous harvest, seeds can be planted in two-week intervals.