Celery, Pink Plume (organic)

Celery, Pink Plume (organic)

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 Mature in 90-100 days from transplant
Zones 2b+
1 foot tall
Full Sun or partial shade
Approx. 250 seeds per pack


Pink Plume is a relatively rare heirloom celery variety that has a dwarf growth habit, and will grow to about 12” tall, with a compact stem arrangement. It has a dark-purple flush on inner stalks and leaf tips. The thin, solid stalks are sweet with an intense, almost fennel-like, flavor. Great for sauces and soups!

Growing Instructions

Celery needs light to germinate so sow seeds very shallowly 10-12 weeks before last frost. Germination in 10-20 days. In cool climates, sow indoors, then moisten and cover with clear plastic. When celery leaves begin to emerge, remove the plastic cover and place the container in a sunny spot, always keeping soil moist. When there are two true leaves, transplant outside when soil has warmed and night temperatures have been above 40°F. Plant 8-10" apart.