Celeriac, Monstorpolgi (organic)

Celeriac, Monstorpolgi (organic)

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Mature in 100 days
Zones 3+
1-2' tall
Full Sun or partial shade
Approx. 150 seeds per pack

This celery root variety has a mild, sweet celery flavor and firm, round roots that measure 3" long x 3-4" wide. This is a rare variety, its outstanding characteristic is that the small roots are concentrated at the base, meaning there is very little waste during trimming. Its root, stems, and leaves make a fine addition to soups and stews.

Growing Instructions

Sow seed indoors 1/8” deep in warm, moist soil 10-12 weeks before the last frost. Germination in 10-20 days. Transplant outdoors spacing 6" apart in 30" rows. Note that celeriac will bolt early if exposed to cool temperatures (below 55F)