Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield (organic)

Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield (organic)

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Mature in 60-75 days from transplant
Zone 3+
8-12” tall
Full Sun
Approx. 100 seeds per pack

Short season variety. A historic variety, this cabbage was first grown in the United States by Francis Brill of Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1840. This cabbage has smooth, thick green leaves that are perfect for fresh eating, especially in coleslaws. Its conical, tightly held head grows up to 15" long by 7" wide and weighs 3-4 pounds each.

Growing Instructions

Sow seed indoors ¼" deep 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Harden off. Take care not to disrupt the shallow root system while transplanting and weeding. Plant spacing, 24"-36" apart, in row and between rows. Make sure cabbage has a regular supply of water in full sun. Mulching will reduce weeds and keep moderate temperatures and even moisture in the soil. Cabbage is a heavy feeder and needs an even supply of nutrients.