Cabbage, Copenhagen Market

Cabbage, Copenhagen Market

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Mature in 63-100 days from transplant
Zone 3+
6-8" diameter heads
Full Sun
Approx. 100 seeds per pack

This Danish historic variety was introduced by H. Hartmann & Company in 1909. Its solid heads reach 6-8" in diameter, weigh 3-4 pounds, and rarely burst. Medium-sized plants are ideal for small gardens.

Growing Instructions

Sow seed indoors ¼" deep 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Harden off. Take care not to disrupt the shallow root system while transplanting and weeding. Plant spacing, 24"-36" apart, in row and between rows. Make sure cabbage has a regular supply of water in full sun. Mulching will reduce weeds and keep moderate temperatures and even moisture in the soil. Cabbage is a heavy feeder and needs an even supply of nutrients.